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"not a lot of words about this mix - just a bunch of stuff i've been really into lately, old, new,
and some unreleased or alt versions of things. opened it w/ a song that's opening a new ep
of mine (no idea when/where/how it'll be out though) and closed it with probably my favorite
song that's out this year (i think it's out by now at least, if not it will be really soon). mix of
things but definitely seasonally appropriate regardless of blue skies or cold rain." 
let's go outside - ricky eat acid
pink and blue - hannah diamond
tell me what to say - race banyon
l's anthem - lil durk
xe3 (throwed) - mssingno
sunflowers & illusions - shogo sakai
stoner (hemsworth high in math class mix) - young thug
bipp - sophie
wtf?!? life sent it up - dj earl
terra star - rustie
ruined world - yasunori mitsuda 
candy marmalade - jhi ali
an axe for the frozen sea within her - cex
傘は - world's end girlfriend
womb night - jefre cantu-ledesma
protect - porches

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